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As Humpty says,

Stop whatcha doin’
’cause I’m about to ruin
the image and the style that ya used to…

Matt Wilson Personal Training

All right!
Stop whatcha doin’
’cause I’m about to ruin
the image and the style that ya used to.

~”The Humpty Dance” by Digital Undergound


You’re exercising regularly.

You’re eating what you’re supposed to.

You’re body composition hasn’t changed a bit.

You’re thinking, why the Hell am I doing this?

You’re wondering, why am I putting myself through all the pain and sweat and smelly socks?

You’re asking yourself, why in the world am I eating like a rabbit?

You’re getting to the point where you want to say, that’s it.  I’m done!  No more of this pointless exercise crap! No more of this diet nonsense.

You know what?

You’re right.

Whatever it is you are doing to improve your health, body composition and performance, if it isn’t working, stop.

But Matt, it works so well for my friend/neighbor/co-worker.

Yes, I get that, but you are not your friend/neighbor/co-worker.  You…

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Love Your Food

Perhaps you will look at your plate differently after reading this…just don’t get too googly eyed…I think it will make your plate uncomfortable…

Matt Wilson Personal Training


You can quit smoking.

You can quit pharmaceuticals.

You can quit drinking alcohol.

You can quit being a couch potato.

You can quit not running.

You can quit not exercising.


Wanna know what you can’t quit?


You can’t quit food.

All of the unhealthful habits above, you can quit.  In fact, you can quit them cold turkey.  Sure, there will be withdrawals and aches and pains, but stay the course and you come out on the other side.

What happens if you quit eating?

You die.

This is one of the reasons so many people have a hard time with their weight.  Their addiction is not something that they can just quit, cold turkey or otherwise.  Unfortunately, through a chain of events that may or may not be of their own making, poor eating habits have developed and the physiology, chemistry and physical make up of their bodies…

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I close out Healthy Habits of Good Eating Week with a 5th habit and a little bit more – I hope you got something out of it.

Matt Wilson Personal Training

This week we’ve covered four eating habits that can and should provide you with some very powerful tools towards achieving fat loss in a steady, methodical manner.  Eating more slowly, adding protein dense foods and vegetables with every meal and saving starchy carbs for post workout meals are likely to have a positive impact on your health and body composition.

There is one final habit I would like to add to this series.

Healthy Habit Five:



For years we have been told fat is the enemy.  If you want to get skinny, you must go on a low fat/no fat diet.  Grocery stores are packed with low fat versions of everything.  I am sure that there are people out there that are thriving on this type of diet.  I would not be one of them.  Besides, that stuff tastes so…so…so tasteless.

I am here to…

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Welcome to Day 4 of Healthy Habits of Eating Week – today I talk about those carbs that we all love…love to hate, hate to love…and guess what? You can eat them…regularly…but there’s a catch!

Head over to my Personal Training Blog for more…

Matt Wilson Personal Training

Eat more slowly and stop when you are 80% full (Habit 1).


Eat protein dense foods with every meal (Habit 2).


Eat at least 2 servings of vegetables and fruits with every meal (Habit 3).


Three days and three habits in and we are off to a good start.  But you may be asking yourself, when the heck do I get to eat pasta and bread and mashed potatoes and rice???

That brings us to habit number four:


Starchy Carbs

I know.  That’s not necessarily what you want to hear, but if your goal is to drop weight by losing fat, then you’ve got to earn those higher-carbohydrate meals by exercising first.  You want to eat bread, pasta, rice, sugary foods, etc?  You can, but you have to do two things.

  1. Focus more on unprocessed varieties.
  2. Save most…

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Habit number 3 of Good Habits of Eating Week is something our parents used to tell us all the time – but they only had it half right…head over to my Personal Fitness Blog for more…

Matt Wilson Personal Training

We now know to eat slowly during our meals, stopping when we are 80% full and to include protein dense food with each meal.  This brings me to something most of us can remember our parents saying at the dinner table from the time we could feed ourselves, except they only had it half right.

Habit number three:



That’s right.  I’m sure each and every one of you can remember some point from your youth when your mother or father is reminding you to eat your veggies, even as he or she is clearing the table.  Maybe you were a non-picky eater, maybe you pushed the vegetables around your plate hoping somehow they would just disappear.

Apparently, our parents were on to something.  Not only are vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals, they also contain phytochemicals, which are essential for optimal physiological function.


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From my Personal Training Blog – Day 2 of Healthy Habits of Eating Week.

Matt Wilson Personal Training

Yesterday I wrote about how to eat your meals.  Today we start with what you should eat.  Which brings us to habit number two:



Now there may be some of you out there who think Whoa!  Matt, what are you saying?  The body can only handle a certain amount of protein on a daily basis and that the additional protein is either harmful or unnecessary.

The truth is, if you are a healthy individual (check with your doctors please), a higher protein diet is not only considered safe, but may be important in achieving the best health, body composition and performance – all three being very difficult to achieve with sub-optimal protein intake (Precision Nutrition).

The problem is if you don’t eat protein dense foods with every meal, you will have a hard time achieving your optimal intake during the meals you

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Good Habits – Part I

Habit One of the Good Habits Five Part Series…

Matt Wilson Personal Training

There are so many “diets” out there.  Go to the bookstore, the library; troll the internet and late night TV and you can be constantly bombarded with information overload about this diet or that, each promising rapid weight loss, while allowing you to eat whatever you want.

“Eat all the fat you want!”

“Follow the pineapple diet and lose, lose, LOSE the fat!!!”

“Do this exercise on this piece of equipment for just 3 minutes a day and you will look like Jennifer Aniston!”


“Take this pill!”

“Drink this juice!!!”


There are no true shortcuts.  In my humble opinion, even those shortcuts that seem to initially work (crash dieting, radical surgery) ultimately end in failure because no work was truly invested from the start – and nothing screams “personal investment” more than your sweaty, soaked t-shirt hitting the floor five days a week.

However, not everyone has the 5…

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There’s been a lot of videos on social media lately, reversing the roles of men and women in every day society.  Very often they are done in a humorous way to showcase just how idiotic and sexist men can be.  I find them entertaining, even a little educating.  They do a good job of showing perspective without directly attacking a man’s ego.

The comments that usually accompany these posts however, are a completely different story.  They can be nasty, mean, full of anger.  I can’t say that I totally understand because I am not a woman and to a certain degree can never walk in a woman’s shoes. – metaphorically speaking anyway.

But I’ve got a couple anecdotes I would like to share:

When Katie was an infant I walked into a hardware store with her in a stroller.  At the counter, the young college aged woman looked at me and asked, “are you baby sitting today?”

I said, “no, I’m not the babysitter.”  Her head tilted. Her brow furrowed.  A light bulb went off.

“Oh!  You’re a nanny!”

I walked out without a word.


Several years back I took my then very young kids into a Starbucks.  This was before we knew about Brooke’s autism, before we (both Jess, Katie, I and Brooke) had the tools to help her more easily cope and engage her environment.  It had been a difficult night with a late night feeding.  I had let Jess sleep because she needed to be at work early the following morning.  As I struggled with both girls, a couple of women behind me in line snickered.

“Baby sitting today?  Now you know what it’s like for us every day honey.”

I stood and turned.  Ironically, she and her friend were without children.  I looked her right in the eye.

“I. Am. Not. The. Babysitter.  I am their father and I am a stay at home dad.”

They didn’t say another word to me.

This has happened to me on a steady, regular basis, in some form, for almost 13 years.  What it comes down to for me is this – snarky, even nasty comments about micro-aggressions aren’t productive.  Do I think men need to learn a thing or two?


Based on my experience, so does the other half of society.

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Where is the outrage?  Where are the protests?

Don’t you people understand that if we condone love between a dog and a horse, we are opening the door to…to…God knows what?

The-macaque-and-the-dove-002A macaque and a dove?

animalsA mouse and a frog?

Animal Friends (18) A cat and a dog?


same-sex-marriage…gay marriage?

Come on Foxnews!!!  Get on this.  The Coke Commercial outrage was just a distraction by those loony lefties to keep you off the real issue!  It’s time to get the Outrage Machine running before people start marrying the people that they love and stop being married to their politics, their jobs and their bigotry.

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I can usually see it coming.

The tears, the despair, the pain.

I try to redirect, distract, anything.

But nothing I do can ever stem the tide.

The tears come.

The despair comes.

The pain overwhelms.

Is it autism, hormones, something else?

All I can do is hold you in my arms, powerless, until the wave passes.

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