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There’s been a lot of videos on social media lately, reversing the roles of men and women in every day society.  Very often they are done in a humorous way to showcase just how idiotic and sexist men can be.  I find them entertaining, even a little educating.  They do a good job of showing perspective without directly attacking a man’s ego.

The comments that usually accompany these posts however, are a completely different story.  They can be nasty, mean, full of anger.  I can’t say that I totally understand because I am not a woman and to a certain degree can never walk in a woman’s shoes. – metaphorically speaking anyway.

But I’ve got a couple anecdotes I would like to share:

When Katie was an infant I walked into a hardware store with her in a stroller.  At the counter, the young college aged woman looked at me and asked, “are you baby sitting today?”

I said, “no, I’m not the babysitter.”  Her head tilted. Her brow furrowed.  A light bulb went off.

“Oh!  You’re a nanny!”

I walked out without a word.


Several years back I took my then very young kids into a Starbucks.  This was before we knew about Brooke’s autism, before we (both Jess, Katie, I and Brooke) had the tools to help her more easily cope and engage her environment.  It had been a difficult night with a late night feeding.  I had let Jess sleep because she needed to be at work early the following morning.  As I struggled with both girls, a couple of women behind me in line snickered.

“Baby sitting today?  Now you know what it’s like for us every day honey.”

I stood and turned.  Ironically, she and her friend were without children.  I looked her right in the eye.

“I. Am. Not. The. Babysitter.  I am their father and I am a stay at home dad.”

They didn’t say another word to me.

This has happened to me on a steady, regular basis, in some form, for almost 13 years.  What it comes down to for me is this – snarky, even nasty comments about micro-aggressions aren’t productive.  Do I think men need to learn a thing or two?


Based on my experience, so does the other half of society.

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