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So yesterday was curriculum night at Katie’s school.  I’ve gotta tell you, I really like the group of teachers she has this year.  They are energetic, dynamic, eager and they seem to genuinely care about their kids.  The night was fantastic, except for one little blip.

Those of you who follow Jess may have seen her post this on her Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 2.22.24 PM

From the very moment the social studies teacher said “three” and “why” I knew the tears were coming.  I was sitting behind Jess so I put my hand on her shoulder, hoping that I could help her keep the tears in.  It was a tough moment.

But there was something that I had forgotten to share with Jess over the past week; something that really didn’t register until that moment, sitting in the classroom; something that I had inadvertently brushed off three times.

On three separate occasions this past week, Brooke began to relentlessly ask me “why?”

We need to go to speech Brooke.
Well, because it helps with your communication skills.
Well, Ms. A helps teach you how to use certain tools so you can tell me and mama what you need or like or want to share.
Because that is her job.
Because that’s the field she chose…

Time to take a bath.
Because you need to get clean.
Because you’re dirty.
Because you played out in the sun today.
Because you’re teachers let you all out for recess.
So you could get the jigglies out…

…and on and on it went…on three different occasions…from my 10 year old daughter…and it was wonderful!

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