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My first thought was a stream of Woohoo’s and Yahoo’s and Yes’s and Woot Woot’s!!!  I couldn’t actually do it out loud because I was sitting in the waiting/observation area of Brooke’s gymnastics class.  When I received this tweet from Mophie, it was all I could do to contain myself:


But as I worked to keep my sense of excitement, joy and accomplishment inside, another thought popped into my head.

Oh Crap!!!

Don’t get me wrong.  I was super excited.  I am STILL, over 12 hours later, giddy over the news that yesterday’s post not only reached the fantastic people at Mophie, but that those fantastic people are sending me two, TWO, of their Juice Pack Pluses.

The conversation went something like this:

Mophie: We’d love to help you out! Send us a DM! #mophielovesyou


Me: I am sitting in my daughter’s gymnastics class lobby and I just yelped!

Mophie: …We saw your post and we wanted to help by sending you 2 of our juice pack pluses…


Me:…I cannot tell you how thankful I am!

Mophie: We’re happy to help! Now you just have to run your heart out and rack up those miles. 🙂

And that’s when it hit me.

Oh Crap!

There’s no turning back now.  There’s no deciding in May you know, my training hasn’t been what I wanted so I’m gonna do something else.   There’s no bailing.  Now my name is on the line.  On June 14th I’m running 100 miles or running for 30 hours, whichever comes first!  If I don’t follow through, then why would anyone even think about supporting me in whatever it is I decide to do the next time.

So there you have it.  Be careful what you ask for, because sometimes, just sometimes you get it…and when you do, you have got to follow through with your end of the request.


On what I feel is a pretty cool result of this whole thing is that many of you didn’t even know what Mophie was or what Mophie made.  Many fellow autism parents, who often rely on their iPhones to help their children wait in lines or transition from one part of the day to another sent texts or left messages that said they were extremely excited to discover that this product existed – in the end, I feel like this was a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Thank you Mophie for helping me in my endeavor – on race day there will be a sharpie tattoo on my shoulders that reads “Powered By Mophie”.  I know that the folks at Charity Miles and at Autism Speaks will truly appreciate the fact that I will be able to run the Charity Miles App for 100 straight miles, and I truly appreciate the fact that you are helping me make a better tomorrow for my Brooke.

Thank you,

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