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Some of you have asked if it is possible to follow my progress during the TARC 100 this weekend.  I didn’t think so and had planned on tweeting my progress live (@luau), but it turns out that yes, yes you can.

If you go to:


you will arrive at this page:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 5.47.56 PM

Just type in “Luau Wilson” at the top right where it says runner, this page will pop up:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 5.48.16 PM

from there you can follow along as I attempt to cover 100 miles in less than 30 hours.  Keep in mind that the first 50 miles or so will be run through the night…perfect for you night owls and insomniacs.  Another thing to keep in mind is that we won’t be running quickly.  Although my peak marathon pace is in the mid- to low-7’s, JB, UltraDoug and I are planning on running the TARC no faster than 12 minutes per mile…and even THAT will be considered fast considering the distance.


On a separate note, after I wrote this:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 5.56.45 PM

many of you asked if there was a way you could sponsor me.  The direct answer is no.  I have not been actively fund raising for this race – however, if you feel compelled to sponsor me in this race indirectly or just want to help a crazy man out, I just registered for Boston 13.1 with Team Up with Autism Speaks.  So if you still would like to sponsor me for this run, how about a pledge per mile that you can then donate to that run?  You can write your pledge in the comments below and then calculate what you would donate based on the miles I cover (which of course is hopefully 100 – a 25¢ per mile pledge would max out at $25).  The link is:


This will bring you to my fund raising page for Boston 13.1 which takes place September 15.  I would love to have your donations for that race, but I would be even MORE excited if you joined me.


One day to go!  So excited!  Just have to fight off whatever this sore throat/headache-y thing Katie and I have going on these last few days.  I will still tweet from the race, but now that there is a live progress feed, I will probably do less to conserve battery power.

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  All around the world, landmarks will be lit up blue (though we’re still waiting on the White House, Mr. President!) and a plethora of autism bloggers will write about the necessity of awareness and funding.  Some bloggers and advocates will even say things like “we are passed awareness, everybody knows somebody who is impacted by autism.”

I’ve struggled over what I should write about today – it is such a big subject.  This is where my thoughts (and events over the last few days) took me…


The Run Luau Run/diary of a mom family has been a big fan of JetBlue Airways for a long time.  They just make traveling easy.  Early on, as brand new parents, we appreciated the simple additions of television screens, but as our family grew and we were confronted with the challenges we face, we came to love the airline even more.  Jess has written a few blog post about them here way back in April 2010  and here from April of last year  and here and here from January of this year.

They way they have listened to the Special Needs community and made changes in the way they do things is exactly what anyone hopes a company would do.

Awareness is working – is it the answer to all our issues as a community?  Not even close, BUT it is a starting point – a place where education can happen, where understanding can happen, where compassion can happen.  None of those thing happen without Awareness.

But it was a phone call and then email I received last Friday from JetBlue that simply blew me away.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have already seen this, but I think that it definitely warrants its own blogpost here on Run Luau Run.  Friday afternoon I received a phone call from a gentleman from the JetBlue social media department.  To be honest, I was in the middle of some stressful stuff and I wasn’t really paying attention at first.  I thought he was either trying to sell me something or have me take a survey that I had no time for.  Once he clarified who he was, he simply said that he wanted to send an email to Jess and me and wanted us to keep an eye out for it.  He didn’t say what it was, but he had a feeling we’d get a kick out of it.

The folks at JetBlue knew that Brooke’s birthday was this past Sunday; they also knew that one of Brooke’s favorite characters is Dora the Explorer – so they put this together:

When I show it to Jess, she cried.

When we showed it to Brooke…well, you tell me whether you think she liked it or not:

To top it all off, the day after her birthday, on the first day of Autism Awareness Month, this arrived in the mail from JetBlue:

photo 1

which had this inside:

photo 2

and was filled with all this:photo 3

which Brooke happily modeled:photo 4

My point is this – raising awareness is working, it is making a difference.  Whether it is companies like JetBlue changing the way they do boarding or interact with their passengers or Mophie donating battery packs to help some idiot run 100 miles while using the Charity Miles App or even Katy Perry happily donating 25 blue wigs to a bunch of marathoners, awareness is helping change attitudes toward autistic people.

Today I will wear my Autism pin and just like any other day of the year, talk to whomever is willing to listen about autism – I will gladly talk about insurance coverage, accessibility, adult services, employment, education; I will do whatever it takes to convince people that we need to help make the world better, more accessible, not just for my Brooke, but for autistic people everywhere.

All those things start with one word – Awareness.

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My first thought was a stream of Woohoo’s and Yahoo’s and Yes’s and Woot Woot’s!!!  I couldn’t actually do it out loud because I was sitting in the waiting/observation area of Brooke’s gymnastics class.  When I received this tweet from Mophie, it was all I could do to contain myself:


But as I worked to keep my sense of excitement, joy and accomplishment inside, another thought popped into my head.

Oh Crap!!!

Don’t get me wrong.  I was super excited.  I am STILL, over 12 hours later, giddy over the news that yesterday’s post not only reached the fantastic people at Mophie, but that those fantastic people are sending me two, TWO, of their Juice Pack Pluses.

The conversation went something like this:

Mophie: We’d love to help you out! Send us a DM! #mophielovesyou


Me: I am sitting in my daughter’s gymnastics class lobby and I just yelped!

Mophie: …We saw your post and we wanted to help by sending you 2 of our juice pack pluses…


Me:…I cannot tell you how thankful I am!

Mophie: We’re happy to help! Now you just have to run your heart out and rack up those miles. 🙂

And that’s when it hit me.

Oh Crap!

There’s no turning back now.  There’s no deciding in May you know, my training hasn’t been what I wanted so I’m gonna do something else.   There’s no bailing.  Now my name is on the line.  On June 14th I’m running 100 miles or running for 30 hours, whichever comes first!  If I don’t follow through, then why would anyone even think about supporting me in whatever it is I decide to do the next time.

So there you have it.  Be careful what you ask for, because sometimes, just sometimes you get it…and when you do, you have got to follow through with your end of the request.


On what I feel is a pretty cool result of this whole thing is that many of you didn’t even know what Mophie was or what Mophie made.  Many fellow autism parents, who often rely on their iPhones to help their children wait in lines or transition from one part of the day to another sent texts or left messages that said they were extremely excited to discover that this product existed – in the end, I feel like this was a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Thank you Mophie for helping me in my endeavor – on race day there will be a sharpie tattoo on my shoulders that reads “Powered By Mophie”.  I know that the folks at Charity Miles and at Autism Speaks will truly appreciate the fact that I will be able to run the Charity Miles App for 100 straight miles, and I truly appreciate the fact that you are helping me make a better tomorrow for my Brooke.

Thank you,

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Dear Mophie,

(For those of you who do not know what Mophie is, they are a company that makes an iPhone case that doubles as an extra battery)

I need you assistance in a footrace I will be running in June.

I suspect that this is not a request that you get often, if at all, but it is true – I need your help.  I have been a user of your product for a few years now, first with my iPhone 3G and now with my iPhone 4G.  Your product has allowed me to use my phone worry-free throughout the day – it is a rare day that I crawl into bed at night with little or no charge on my phone.

I used my Mophie Battery Pack at the 2011 New York City Marathon to record my journey through the five boroughs and I STILL had enough juice to edit my recordings on the iMovie app and upload it to the web.  Yes, YOUR product made that possible.

But I am now in a pickle.  Between the built-in battery of the iPhone and the your battery pack I get about 15 – 18 hours of moderate use.  That’s well and good when running a marathon, but in June I plan to tackle the 100-mile distance.  The winner of that race just may finish within that time frame, but I am not nearly that fast.  The cutoff time for the race is 30 hours.  A few friends and I are each hoping to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours, but ultimately, we would just like to be able to finish.

You may wonder why it is so important that I have my phone while I am running those 100 miles – yes, it would be nice to have some music or a podcast playing, and I would definitely like to be able to record the highs and lows of our 100 mile journey, however, the main reason why I would like to have my phone with me is that I run with an amazing little app called Charity Miles.  This app allows me to raise money for charity with every mile that I run.  25¢ per mile may not seem like a lot, but the quarters eventually add up.

My daughter has autism.  Autism has impacted our lives in a very real way – forcing us to alter plans; causing one parent or the other to miss a performance of our older daughter; keeping us from being able to sit at certain restaurants or participate in dance recitals or engage in play dates…the list goes on.

When I run, and I’ve run every day this year so far in part thanks to your product, I have my Charity Miles app set to raise funds for Autism Speaks.  They are conducting ongoing research that will hopefully one day soon help alleviate the difficulties my daughter and those like her face on a daily basis.  Autism Speaks, while funding a broad range of scientific research is also working to help raise Autism Awareness.  This awareness has pushed people to think twice before simply dismissing my girl as a spoiled brat when she is having an anxiety fueled meltdown or calling her awful names because she sometimes seems to be intellectually incapable of grasping certain concepts.

I don’t know if anyone has every run 100 miles straight while running the Charity Miles app and frankly, I don’t really care – I just feel like this could serve as inspiration to ANY walker, biker or runner to get the app and start using it for their charity of choice (Charity Miles has a wide range of charities they raise money for)…and hopefully, some of those inspired folks will choose the same charity I choose, and bring closer the day that my soon to be 10 year old baby girl will find an easier, less anxiety inducing environment.

I am hoping that you will consider donating 2 of your most powerful battery cases for the iPhone 4 so that I can keep my phone humming at full strength as I attempt to cover 100 miles on foot in 24 hours.  Please feel free to contact me at runluaurun at gmail dot com (written out to avoid spammers) if you have any questions or need any specifics clarified.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this,


***UPDATE!!! I received this tweet from Mophie – THANK YOU!!!***


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