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*I am still processing the events of last weekend.  I haven’t been able to put my thoughts about that on to paper yet.


I ran through colds and tendinitis.  I ran through metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis.  I ran through Blizzards (Nemo) and knee deep mud pits.  It has been a good 168 days, covering 958 miles.  During those 958 miles I raced a 5K, a 5 miler and a 100-miler.  I ran fast (in the 6’s) and slow (in the 16’s).  All along you have been with me, supporting me, pushing me, giving back to me much more than I gave.  I want to thank you for all of the love you have shown me and #AutismStreaks over the first 168 days of the year.

As Chaucer said so many centuries ago, “All good things must come to an end.”  Unfortunately, the beating I took over the weekend was simply too much for me to continue my daily miles, even at walking pace.  I will write in more detail in my race recap, but the mud was ultimately too much for my shin muscle.  Two days after completing 100 miles in just under 28 hours, my leg just could not take the repetitive impact of covering a mile without swelling up like an overstuffed sausage.  I am heartened however to know that there are others who will carry on based in part because of what they saw here and on my Facebook Page.

•My friend Diana just hit Day 80 of HER #AutismStreaks.

•My friend Lisa could not walk up a flight of stairs at the beginning of my streak without losing her breath.  In her words, she now runs 2 -3 miles like it was second nature.

•My friend Shannon is running a mile a day in part because of #AutismStreaks.

Every day I get to see the both Diana and Lisa’s Charity Miles posts and it makes me smile.

I am sad despite knowing I am doing the right thing; and I know that ending this streak simply means I am taking a break.  I will be back once I have healed, maybe even to start another streak.

In the meantime, keep running and as my friend Jack said to me last night when he saw my post ending my #AutismStreaks, “It’s Miller Time.”

See you on the roads and trails,



Some of my favorite moments from #AutismStreaks…

Day 34

Day 34 – Super Sunday 5

Day 40 - 5 Snowmageddon Miles

Day 40 – 5 Snowmageddon Miles

With Julie C. - she did an amazing job directing her first race!  AND it was for a good cause - raising funds for the Nashoba Learning Group (click this picture to learn more about NLG)

With Julie C. – Day 65 at the Leprechaun 5K

Day 100

Day 100

Night after the Boston Marathon Bombings

Night after the Boston Marathon Bombings

Day 166 - 100 miles - done!

Day 166 – 100 miles – done!





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Today I pay tribute to a streak ended.

Yesterday my friend Adam was forced to end his 510 day running streak because of a sudden injury.

510 days!

Just to put that into perspective, as of yesterday my streak now stands at 140 days. Even if I were to do that 3 consecutive times, I would still be 90 days short.  My streak stands at 20 weeks.  Adam’s streak ended one day short of 73 weeks.

That’s a lot of running.  That is endurance.  That is commitment and dedication.  That is strength.


What happened to Adam you may ask?

On Saturday Adam, while hiking the trails, he was forced to defend his family from a bear that tried to attack them. After bobbing and weaving away from the bear’s fierce claws, Adam punched it right in the nose. Stunned, the bear began to back off, but just for good measure Adam threw in a powerful side kick to the bear’s stomach.

The bear turned tail and ran for the hills. There was much rejoicing, that is until the adrenaline began to wear off.  That was when Adam realized he had twisted his ankle with that final kick. His ankle began to swell and he feared the worst.

On Sunday, Adam valiantly attempted to run. After a mile (the official daily minimum) he was done…he would not run on Monday. He knew that although he had defeated the bear, the bear had broken his streak.

I would like to emphasize, the rumors that Adam twisted his ankle heading out his patio door are patently untrue and in all likelihood were invented and  spread by the bear’s embarrassed family.


All joking aside, much respect to Adam and his 510 day streak. I look at that number with awe and respect.  A lot of things can go wrong over the course of 510 days that prevent a person from continuing, and somehow, through it all, Adam always managed to get at least one run (and sometime two or three) in.

Adam on the trail.

Adam on the trail.

A pox on the bear and his family…and on patio doors too!

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what now?

In the words of my Streaking Guru Adam – “duh!”

Here’s the first 100 days rapid fire:

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So with 98 days in the books, #AutismStreaks has only 2 days left…

…or does it?



Week 14 brought World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.  On that day the world lit it up blue in support of autism awareness, so I donned the blue ‘fro and ran through town.  It was a relatively light week of running…well except for and because of Sunday’s 31-miler – the second longest I have ever covered on foot in a day.


Week 14:
April 02 – 5.0 miles 36:04  7:12 pace aHR 141
April 03 – 1.0 miles 9:14
April 04 – 3.0 miles 20:39  6:53 pace aHR 142
April 05 – 5.0 miles 37:09  7:26 aHR 138
April 06 – 1.0 miles 8:46
April 07- 31.0 miles 4:48:07  9:17 pace aHR 128 – #AutismStreaks goes over 550 miles
April 08 – 4.0 miles 41:16  10:19 pace aHR 109

Week 13 Total – 50.0 miles

#AutismStreaks Total – 557.0 miles (as measured by Garmin 610)


If you want to start your own #CharityStreak pick up the Charity Miles app and start raising money for your favorite charity simply by walking, running or biking:

Get the Charity Miles app:

  • Download App
  • Download App
Five lunch time miles about town in the 'fro on World Autism Awareness Day

Five lunch time miles about town in the ‘fro on World Autism Awareness Day

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It was c-c-c-c-c-coooold this week.


A lot of runs were in the low to mid teens, which I think, combined with a busy schedule limited my miles. That didn’t stop me from contemplating going out in a singlet…


I’m not sure if it was that I’m starting to get back into running shape OR if I was just motivated to get done because I was so friggin cold, but that 5-mile run was my fastest (6:55 per mile) of the year.

After my 5-miler in 19ºF weather in a singlet and shorts - "just get me out of here!!!"

After my 5-miler in 19ºF weather in a singlet and shorts – “just get me out of here!!!”

Two days later brought an unexpectedly quick 11-miler that also happened to be my longest run of the year.

Hard to believe that #AutismStreaks is already at 28 days. Leaves me 72 days to reach Kelly, Michael, Kathie Lee and Hoda. If any of you know them, please feel free to pass my letter on to them!

Hope you are staying active!


Week 4:
January 22 1.0 miles 08:32 8:28 pace aHR 114
January 23 5.0 miles 39:22 7:51 pace aHR 141
January 24 4.0 miles 28:56 7:14 pace aHR 141
January 25 5.0 miles 34:35 6:55 pace aHR 172
January 26 3.0 miles 25:23 8:28 pace aHR 130
January 27 11.0 miles 84:24 7:38 pace aHR 147
January 28 3.0 miles 23:24 7:48 pace aHR 139
Week 1 Total – 32.0 miles

#AutismStreaks Total – 146.0 miles (as measured by Garmin 610)

If you want to start your own #CharityStreak pick up the Charity Miles app and start raising money for your favorite charity simply by walking, running or biking:

Get the Charity Miles app:

  • Download App
  • Download App

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hosts tumblr_mbmqaqLm1v1r79n8ro1_400

Dear Kelly, Michael, Kathie Lee & Hoda,

Recently your two shows featured a wonderful app called Charity Miles. For those who don’t know, very simply put, Charity Miles allows you to track your run/bike/walk while simultaneously raise funds for any one one of sixteen charities.

As Kelly so aptly put it on her show at the time, when one is “doing it” for charity, one is more likely to actually finish a workout.


I have been running with Charity Miles on my iPhone now for several months, recently engaging in a one on one throw down with a runner from Florida to see who could run more miles over the course of a month for our charity of choice (Autism Speaks) – the loser was required to run the difference between our miles in a gorilla suit and blue afro. I was lucky enough to win by nearly 40 miles.

I am currently 22 days (I started on January 1st) into what I hope will be a 100 day running streak of running a minimum of 1 mile every day. As of this posting I’m closing in on 120 miles run for the year; my goal is to run between 500-550 miles by day 100.

This is where YOU come in.

Charity Miles donates 25¢ to my charity of choice for every mile I run (10¢ per mile were I riding a bike). At the end of this streak, I am hoping to have raised over $125 for Autism Speaks simply by doing something for myself – running daily. A friend coined the phrase Autism Streaks (get it? Autism Speaks + Running Streak x Charity Miles = #AutismStreaks). You have hopefully seen the hashtag in the tweets I have sent you. In the grand scheme of things, $125 is not much when it comes to the overall needs of charities.

Although I would love to ask you to match Charity Miles’ 25¢ per mile donation to Autism Speaks, I understand that autism is not necessarily the charity of choice for everyone – so my request is this: I would like to ask you Kelly, Michael, Kathie Lee and Hoda (and any readers who are feeling charitable) to pledge 25¢ to YOUR charity of choice for every mile I run during this running streak.

If the four of you hop on board, then who knows how many others will do the same? The four of you could inspire 40 people to pledge 25¢ per mile; those 40 could inspire 400 more. If I could get 500 people to pledge 25¢ per mile, that would raise $125.00 in donations for every mile I ran for the various charities of their choice – that’s $68,750.00 if I manage to run 550 miles over the course of the streak.

I’m sure you get these types of requests all of the time – but imagine what your 25¢ per mile donation can do! People signing on would have to live by the honor system, check back here on April 11th to get my mileage total (or they can go to my twitter feed – @luau – to see the automatic postings Charity Miles puts up after every one of my runs) and then send a check to their respective charities.

I would love to be able to say I’ve got the four biggest morning TV celebrities behind me because I know you would inspire many others to join in.

I hope you will help,


PS: to any and all of my readers – should you like to join the fun, simply leave a comment on this blog post stating you pledge 25¢ per mile for the 100 days. Make sure you mention which charity you will be pledging 25¢ per mile to (and if you don’t have any particular favorite, feel free to choose Autism Speaks). I don’t have any system to enforce your pledge – we will be going on the honor system, but I do hope that A) you join in and B) you follow through. The more of you that sign up, the more pressure and responsibility I will feel to get out and run every day to keep the streak going.

PPS: to let Kelly, Michael, Kathie Lee and Hoda know that you want them to join the fun, please tweet them at @KellyRipa, @michaelstrahan, @KellyandMichael, @KathieLGifford, @HodaKotb and the @todayshow to let them know; and be sure to use the hashtag #AutismStreaks.

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“We’re going streaking through the quad…”


So I’m finally embracing this streak.

Once a week I’m am going to post a summary of the runs from the previous week.  I’m using the “Streak” more than anything as a motivational tool to get me back to my love of running.  So far it has worked like a charm – every day I’ve felt that old urge to get at least some miles under my feet.

I’m even posting on dailymile again.  Anybody who has tracked their mileage in the past, knows what it means to have walked away from tracking miles to then return to it.

The great part of this streak so far has been that I want to run – that need has returned, all without an “A” race in the near future.  Sure the Vermont 50 looms over the horizon, but quite honestly that hasn’t really sunk in quite yet.

Who knows how long this streak will go.  The post that my buddy Doug put up said 100 days – I’m better than an eighth of the way there.  The coolest part of this is that every day, by using the Charity Miles App, I’m raising funds for Autism Speaks and giving a voice to autism.  Will I make it to 100?  I don’t know.  I’ve always been a proponent of rest days, but sometimes you have to weigh physical need with psychological need.  If I make it to 100, will I keep going?  We’ll cross that bridge when, and if, we get to it.

Week 1:
January 01    6.0 miles   47:40  7:57 pace    aHR 158
January 02   6.0 miles   46:07   7:41 pace    aHR 168
January 03   4.0 miles   30:04   7:31 pace   aHR 153
January 04   6.0 miles   48:16   8:02 pace   aHR 157
January 05   3.0 miles   26:13   8:44 pace   aHR 145
January 06   7.0 miles   57:24   8:12 pace   aHR 140
January 07   3.0 miles   21:18   7:06 pace   aHR 156
Week 1 Total – 35.0 miles

Week 2:
January 08   6.0 miles   49:37    8:16 pace   aHR 141
January 09   7.0 miles   63:14     9:02 pace  aHR 124
January 10    3.0 miles   21:39    7:13 pace   aHR 150
January  11  10.0 miles  1:17:39  7:45 pace   aHR 145
January 12    4.0 miles   33:00   8:15 pace   aHR 130
January 13  10.0 miles  1:21:50  8:11 pace   aHR 139
January 14    3.0 miles   28:53   9:38 pace   aHR 120
Week 2 Total – 43.0 miles

#AutismStreaks Total – 78 miles

Any experienced streakers have any words of advice?

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From October 7th to December 31st of last year I ran a total of seven times.  Granted, some of those runs were 20+ mile runs, but that’s seven runs in eighty-six days.  That’s just over one run every two weeks.

Not a lot of running.


A day or two before New Year’s my buddy Doug posted a link on Facebook to a Crow Athletics Streak Challenge – run or walk at least one mile every day for one hundred days.  I have never been a fan of streaking, that is, the concept of running as many consecutive days as possible.  I’m a firm believer in the necessity of rest and I have a hard time believing that one can run and rest simultaneously.

But this piqued my interest – not because of its uniqueness, people streak all the time, but simply because of the personal nature of its timing.  I struggled off and on with motivation for almost all of 2012.  Even while I was training for Sugarloaf last winter, it was still a fight to get myself out the door.  I yearned for that time, not so long ago considering I’ve only been running for four years, when my legs were out the door before I was even aware of it.  2010 was a banner year for me.  I ran four marathons over the course of eight months; I pushed myself harder with each race, training with an eagerness that was fueled by hunger.

After qualifying for and then running Boston 2011, that drive slowly began to shrink.  I continued to enter races – Around the Lake (July 2011), the Vermont 50 (September 2011), NYCM (November 2011), but the training, the motivation continued to dwindle.  After being left out of Boston 2012 by a mere 30 seconds, I rallied briefly last Winter in an attempt to qualify for Boston 2013, but despite my decent training cycle, my lack of miles over the previous 12 months caught up with me.  At mile 20 of Sugarloaf 2012, on pace for around a 3:13 finish, the wheels came off the bus and I finished with a respectable, but non-BQ time of 3:23.

Despite the fact that 3:23 was my second best marathon time ever, my mojo was officially DOA.  I found other ways to encourage others to run.  I recruited and ran runners in at the Boston 13.1 Half Marathon in September (running a total of twenty some odd miles…barefoot), I pulled off what would have been a fun, silly stunt for New York 2012 by getting Katy Perry to donate 25 blue wigs to Team Up with Autism Speaks runners, but even in doing so, I hardly ran.  Yes, I ran some in October to help #teamLuau beat #teamBecca on the Gorilla Suit throwdown, but I was also helped tremendously by other runners and biker donating their miles.  I was still having fun running, but I just wasn’t doing a lot of it.


But then I saw Doug’s post.

Run at least one mile (or more) for one hundred days.


God, I hate streaking.



I ran six miles on the first of the year.  It was like starting a cold engine.  I had run once in December (on my birthday) – 4.3 miles to celebrate turning 43.  Before that I had run 30 days earlier on Thanksgiving – 3.1 miles in a personal Turkey Trot.

My legs were not ready for my New Year’s run.

But I did it.

The following day I put in 6 more.


I am NOT streaking!!!


On the 3rd, I put in a quick 4-spot, feeling good about my 7:30 pace.  During my run I began to think about a promise Doug and I made a while back – to attempt a sub-10 hour Vermont 50 this year.  I ran an 11:04 on essentially no training in 2011. Sub-10 was going to take some work.  As I hit the 2-mile mark in my run and turned for home, I realized that that work started with building a base.  Before I really started to train this summer, I would have to put some miles behind me.  It didn’t matter how long my runs were this winter, I was just going to have to run…a lot!


The following day I went out for 4 miles and came home having run 6.  My legs were tired from 4 consecutive days of running, but just like starting your car on a cold winter day, my engine, my drive, was warming up.


I wanna run tomorrow!  But am I streaking?  I don’t know!


I put in a short 3-miler because of time constraints, but the point was I ran.  Then yesterday, before going on an all-day road trip, I got up early to put in a few miles.  I was planning on 4 or 5 miles and came home having run 7.  I will be squeezing in a short run at lunch today.

Am I streaking?  I really don’t know.  But the turning of the calendar and the concept of this challenge, if nothing else, has at least turned the engine over.  I still believe in rest days, but I also, as a trainer-in-training, believe that we have to do what we can to find our motivation.  Sometimes that motivation is a size 6 dress (well, not for me); sometimes that motivation is an old pair of jeans; sometimes that motivation is a number on the scale; sometimes that motivation is being able to play with your children…sometimes, that motivation is something as silly as a streak.

What are YOU using as motivation this January to get your body moving?

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