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So by now you may have heard about the woman in California that is suing McDonald’s for “getting into the heads of her children”.   She says that McDonald’s knowingly makes it hard for her to say “no” to her kids by including a toy in their, what I read one person call “Shut Up in a Box”, Happy Meals.

The Right is up in arms. This is the Left and Liberalism run amok! And you know what? I have to agree.  Let me state here that I am a card-carrying member of the left side of the aisle.  I believe in social progressiveness.  I believe that big government can work.  I believe in welfare and Medicaid.  I believe it is the government’s job to help make us a better society.  I believe the very rich should pay higher taxes.  I believe in spreading the wealth.  I used to like John McCain before he went crazy.   I think Michelle Bachmann is an entertaining, dangerous nutjob.  I believe Sarah Palin is just plain dangerous.

But this woman, this Monet Parham is giving me agita.  It is people like her that give the rest of us on the left a bad name.

I am not very political.  I generally keep my politics to myself.  I’m with Jon Stewart, who believes that the extreme 15% at each end of the political spectrum has taken over the system, while the “middle of the road” 70-80% of us are busy with our every day lives.


Are you really serious about suing McDonald’s because you’re tired of saying “No” to your kids when they ask for McDonald’s? Seriously? Really?  I’ve seen parents like you.  The ones that just can’t say no because then their kids will cry.  You deserved to have your parent-card revoked.  Someone should call DSS and have you’re children taken into foster care.  You know what happens to those kids who never hear “no” ?  They become brats who walk around with a sense of entitlement and then can’t figure out why the real world doesn’t cater to their every need when they are grown-ups.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  McDonald’s doesn’t advertise themselves as a health food restaurant.  They advertise themselves as a fast food restaurant.  It’s not meant for daily consumption darlin’.  You think they have a moral obligation to produce a healthier product?  How about YOUR moral obligation to raise your kids properly?  To teach them proper nutrition? To teach them restraint and moderation?  To teach them about wants vs. needs?  Fast food is not the enemy.  Refusal to take on personal responsibility is.  McDonald’s isn’t good for you?  Guess what, Monet?  WE ALL KNOW THAT!!!

This is one of the few time that I find myself in agreement with the likes of Michael Graham and Jay Severin, and that really ticks me off.  The truth is the food at McDonald’s sucks…but it tastes so good!  It’s salty, it’s fatty, it’s all the things that aren’t good for you in large quantities.  That’s why in our family we tend NOT to eat it more than once, maybe twice a month.  That doesn’t stop the kids from asking for it every time we drive by a McDonald’s.  That’s their job.  They’re kids.

An amazing thing happens though 95% of the time we drive by one.  I say no and we move on.  This may seem magical and mystical to you Monet, but you might want to establish who the boss is in your house.  The problem today is not the soulless corporations; it’s the parents who are unwilling to be the hard-ass at home.  It’s the parents unwilling to say “No’ or the ones who deliver empty threats – the ones that say, “if you do that again there’s going to be a consequence,” and then when the child does it again, the parent simply shrugs his/her shoulders and says, “what can I do?”

What can you do, Monet?  Stop whining and be the parent!

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