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The Moon


Phones are ringing all around me.

Social Media is abuzz.

Conversations between mommies,

Did you see we’re in the same class?

Oh, our kids aren’t going to be together!

We should see if they can share a locker.

Did you hear that Johnny ended up in Mrs. Jones’ class?

How awful.

How wonderful.

I can’t wait to send them back to school.

they fly back and forth,

by phone,

by text,

by Facebook.

Except not in my house.


Class lists came out.

It has become a tough time of year for me, and as Brooke has gotten older, it is becoming more so.  The conversations go whizzing by my head.  Occasionally I do the equivalent of who me? only to turn around and see that the person they are talking to is the cool kid behind me.

I used to love this time of year.

I used to be one of those moms.

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