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This past Saturday was a beautiful day – the sun was out; the temperature was moderate; runners from all over the world were flocking to my city.  Jess and Brooke were off to a play date with one of her friends and Katie was off at a food tasting for a friend’s upcoming event.  Everything was lined up for me to go out for a nice, long run – what would be my 4th run of 2014.  I set my playlist to laid back mellow music – a little SWV, some Michael Jackson, Brand New Heavies, Carl Carlton, Tribe Called Quest and a heavy dose of Jamiroquai – slipped on my favorite running shorts and VFF Bikilas, set the Garmin and I was off.

It felt good to be outside; it felt good to have the rush of air coursing in and out of my lungs; it felt good to hear and feel the rhythmic beat of my feet on the pavement; it felt good to feel the slow burn slowly build in my legs.

That feeling last about 3 miles.  As I made my way over a portion of the Boston Marathon course, I realized that perhaps my ambition to run a long run may have been more than I was physically ready for.

Five things I learned on my 11-mile run, covered in a slow, deliberate pace in 1:43:08:

  1. You haven’t been running nearly enough when your favorite running shoes leave wicked blisters on your feet.
  2. You haven’t been running nearly enough when carrying a water bottle while running proves to be a workout for your forearms.
  3. You haven’t been running nearly enough when after a mid-distance run, you glutes feel like their going to fall off while going up and down the stairs.
  4. You haven’t been running nearly enough when you purposely avoid hills you used to eat with a grin on your face because you’re afraid you’re not going to make it all the way.  But worst of all…
  5. You haven’t been running nearly enough when your favorite, lucky running shorts end up chafing you in places you never, ever, ever want to be chafed.


So on this Marathon Monday Morning, when so many people I love and respect are waiting in Hopkinton for the start of their Boston Marathon, I promise myself that for the rest of the year, I will run more than a sad once a month, no matter how busy I am with my budding personal training business, mostly because I never, ever, EVER want to feel the kind of pain I felt Saturday afternoon when I got into the shower.


Good luck to the 35,000+ runners running Boston this morning.  I am with you in spirit.

May the wind be at your backs, your feet be swift, your breath be powerful and your hearts be strong.

Boston Strong.

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