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…but sometimes I sleep

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When the alarm went off at 4:15AM this morning I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom to change in the dark.  2 days of predawn running and my body had already fallen back into the routine.

I wasn’t awake yet really.

My eyes were half-closed, my consciousness stuck somewhere in a fog.  As I slipped into my shorts, somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered why I hadn’t snapped to alert yet.  Usually by the time I’m walking out the bathroom and heading downstairs for some pre-run coffee, I am wide awake.

And then it hit me.  Last night was the third or fourth night in a row of getting just under 4 hours of sleep.

I like getting 6 hours of sleep a night.  In reality, I usually get 5 hours a night, which seems to work just fine.  But 4 hours a night?  Maybe for a couple of days, maybe even 3 nights a week, but not coming off of a vacation where I had gotten used to sleeping over 8 hour a night.

Sleep is an important part of any athlete’s regimen.  It is when our bodies heal and strengthen themselves.  It’s when we do most of our recovering, when our brains sort out the events and workouts of the day.  Without it, our bodies (and minds) would eventually break down.

And so, at that moment, I turned around, changed back into my sleeping attire, and caught another 75 minutes of sleep.

Fortunately, today was a scheduled off day anyway.

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