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She is the foundation upon which our house has been transformed into a home.

She is the roots of the tree that give life to the leaves.

Because of her, Katie is wise beyond her years, Brooke continues to make real progress and I continue to evolve.

She is a fighter, a protector, a nurturer.

She is a teacher. She is a student.

She is a speaker. She is a listener.

She is thoughtful, sympathetic, empathetic.

She is beautiful and sexy, though she often forgets it.

She doesn’t need to wear make up…ever.

She is strong and weak at the same time.

She is a wife, a lover, a friend.

She is a tiger and a bear.

But first and foremost, she is Mama to my little girls.

Happy Mother’s Day, Jess!

The girls could not have designed a better mother for themselves!

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