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Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  For many it is a night filled with dancing, partying, eating and drinking…all to some level of excess.  Typically this is followed up the next day with some sort of self-flagellation, a swearing off of certain foods and drinks, and a trip to the gym that is more an act of repentance than of self-improvement.


Yeah, I know we all set goals on January 1st.  Yes, many of us may indulge in a bit of debauchery the night before.

It’s.  All.  Good!

Getting fit, eating better and becoming better human beings does NOT mean that you can’t have a little fun during the holidays.  No, you shouldn’t live a healthy lifestyle so you can occasionally partake in unhealthy behavior.

That’s silly.

BUT, it is one of the nice side benefits.  Too many people measure every calorie, every gram of fat/carbohydrate/protein, every ounce of water they put into their bodies and when they fall off of that wagon, they plead for forgiveness and become even stricter with their self-control.

What kind of life is that?

Eat a healthful, colorful diet and participate in vigorous physical activity because you want to…because it feels good…because ultimately, it’s fun.

If you choose not to dance or eat or drink, that’s okay too.  I’m sure your body will thank you for it on the 1st…but will your heart?  Obviously I am not advocating abusing the various foods or substances people may use on New Year’s Eve (or any other celebratory occasion I suppose).  What I am saying is that you should be able to have a little fun, eat a bunch of fatty food and imbibe in some champagne tomorrow night…without feeling bad about it the next day.

Just make sure you call a cab if you decide to drink.

Happy New Year everyone!  Be safe, have fun.

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