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After reading a recent blog post about the cancer that hides in our toothpastes, I was inspired by my friend Kimmerie to write about the one ingredient of death that the blogger left off of the list of death.

Dihydrogen Monoxide

That’s right, Dihydrogen Monoxide, better known as Hydroxyl Acid.  This chemical compound can be found not only in our toothpastes, but is now found in just about everything we ingest.  Is it any wonder that we are a more obese nation, a more cancer stricken nation?  Statistically, 100% of all people who died in the last year had this chemical compound in their bodies.  And here’s the scary part – more people died in 2013 than in 1760, commonly seen as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Dihydrogen monoxide:

Despite the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used:

Overconsumption of hydroxyl acid can actually lead to much more serious complications including brain disease, brain herniation, cardiopulmonary arrest, cerebral edema (brain swelling), seizures, coma, and death. (SOURCE)

So I want you to run to your cupboard, medicine cabinet, refrigerator and laundry room.  Check the list of ingredients.  If you see Hydroxyl Acid or Dihydrogen Monoxide throw it out immediately!  Go, NOW!!!  I’ll wait.


What’s that?

You didn’t find anything with that chemical compound?

Hmmm…maybe it’s listed under it’s more commonly known name…


Lesson: don’t fall for the fear mongering crap people put out there…especially the ones who don’t do their research and get their “information” from the interwebs.  Please note though that everything in this post is technically true – seriously!  There is nothing false in this post.  This is to remind you that even though these bloggers may technically be telling the truth (rarely), they are twisting the data and cherry picking what they are telling you.

Food for thought (just make sure their isn’t too much hydroxyl acid in it!).

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