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And now for something completely non-running and non-autism related…


I am a child of the 80s. I was 10 when the 1980s started and 20 when it ended. Unfortunately, as the case may be, my musical influences come from that decade. It kills me that my music is now on the oldies stations. Isn’t that what music from the 50s and 60s is?

Anyway, as a young kid, fresh into my teen years, I heard Run-DMC for the very first time.

When I first heard Rock Box, I thought what the heck was that? That was awesome! Here was a band/group that was combining forms of music that had no business being on the same mix tape, much less the same song. This was a new wave of hip hop music unlike anything that had been heard before. Run-DMC followed up their gold record with the platinum selling record King of Rock.

Finally they reached their crossover peak with Walk this Way from the multi-platinum album Raising Hell.

Why am I even writing about this? What’s my point?

As a parent, I felt it was my responsibility to introduce my children to the music their father grew up on, and so not so long ago, while driving about town, I plugged in the iPod and played them a little Run-DMC. I played Rock Box and King of Rock, My Adidas and It’s Tricky, You Be Illin’ and Walk This Way, but which one stuck for the little one? Which one did she latch on to and decide to incorporate into her life?

This one:

Yup. You Talk Too Much. Her favorite part? Where they say “Shut Up!” followed by “You talk too much and you never shut up.”

Now when Katie coughs? Brooke has broken into Shut Up! You Cough too much…and you never shut up!

When the dogs bark? Shut up! You bark too much…and you never shut up!

When someone let a, um, “bottom burp” go the other day? Shut Up! You fart too much…and you never shut up! which was promptly followed by a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

Yup! Quality parenting on my part…pure quality!


We now return you to your regular programming…

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