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You like to run – check!

You want to help the autism community – check!

You haven’t been able to get into the incredibly popular Falmouth Road Race, like, ever! – check!

Guess what? You have an opportunity right now, today (or tomorrow) to be able to get into THIS year’s race taking place on August 11th. 

How, you may ask?
There is a little start up company called Technology For Autism Now (TAN) that secured 4 charity bibs for the race.  I will readily admit that I know very little about them other than they are creating technology that makes it easier for our kids to communicate more easily with the world around them.  They are still looking for runners but registration closes tomorrow (July 31st).

What would be required of you?
Well, you’d pay the $50 entry fee and then need to raise $200 via their Firstgiving Page by October 31st.  That’s 3 full months to raise just $200 AND you get to run Falmouth (a race I have never been able to get into!)!!!

So who do you need to contact?
First email Racemenu at support@racemenu.com to let them know you want to do it and then go to racemenu.com/falmouth to register.  There are only 4 spots available as of this posting so grab ’em now while you can.  Who knows when you’ll get another guaranteed chance to run Falmouth!

I would be running too, but it appears I’m on my way to an appearance on the PUP list.

Now go!  Click on the link!  Go run Falmouth!!!

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