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Dear Stranger,

I do not know you.  I have never met you.

And yet, you lift me up; you give me strength; you drive me forward.

8 days ago two men attacked you.

They set off two bombs and harmed you, both physically and psychologically, and for that I am angry.

It is YOU who make a race what it is.

True, if I were not there, you would simply be staring at an empty road or cheering the passing traffic, but without you, I am just a runner.

The truth is I need you more than you need me.

You make me run harder, faster, farther with your energy, strength and will.

I am asking that you find the strength to come back.

Don’t let these two men scare you away from what you do, because to me, what you do is the most important part of any race.

Because without you, I am just a runner.

Thank you for all that you have done for me in the past.

Thank you for all that you will do for me in the future.



Dear Stranger...Thank you.

Dear Stranger…Thank you.

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