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I’ve run 15 miles this week.  All at once, late at night. That’s it.

I just haven’t been able to get my butt up and out in the morning.  There have been excuses – Tuesday morning’s 13-miler I skipped because I was recovering from Sunday’s half-marathon race.  Yesterday’s 5-mile recover run I skipped because I had run 15 miles late the night before and then I ran out of time later in the day.  Then I couldn’t get out of bed for this morning’s 10-miler because, well, because I had a headache and was tired.  Really?  A headache?  and because I was tired?

Where has my mojo gone?

When the alarm went off at 4AM this morning, I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I dreamed about the Around the Lake Marathon coming at the end of July.  But the dream wasn’t about excitement.  No, despite the race being almost 2 months away, I dreamed that it was 10 days away and I was telling myself I needed to be tapering and NOT running the 10-miler I missed this morning.  What the Hell does that mean?

Motivation is low and I don’t know why.  I can’t even get the Run To Remember race report done (and I love writing race reports).

Dude, where is my mojo?

Maybe it’s the change of seasons.  Maybe it’s the other crap going on in every day life that is starting to creep in.  Maybe it’s the R-Un-Apture? Maybe I just need to run it out.  Whatever the reason and solution, if you see my mojo in your travels, please tell it it is missed and needs to come home.  I miss my morning runs.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Whether you are racing or training, run strong and run happy.

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