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You’ve put in the work…now it’s time for your victory lap!

My buddy Doug right before the Smuttynose Marathon

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18 weeks until the Boston Marathon.  My training starts today!  Well, kind of anyway.  Day 1 of my 18 week training program starts with a Rest/Cross-training Day.  So, technically training starts today, but my first run isn’t until tomorrow.  I am excited to start.  The 5 weeks since New York have consisted of free form training, and to a degree I’ve been feeling a bit at sea.  It will be nice to be able to look at the schedule and know what to expect for the coming week.

I will be following the Pfitz 18/55 program (for 18 weeks/maxing out at 55 miles per week) from his book, Advanced Marathoning.  I used his 12/55 program in my BQ at Smuttynose, and I think that the 18 week program can advance my marathoning even further.  I highly recommend his book.  You don’t need to be an advanced marathoner to use it.  I used it to great success and by no means am I an advanced marathoner.  It is chock full of useful advice and has programs ranging for those willing to run a max of 55 mile/week (starts with 33 miles/week) to those crazy enough to run over 105 miles/week.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that one.  105 Frakking Miles?  Along with advice on marathon training, Pfitz also outlines some core exercises, strength training and a good stretching regimen.  I plan on using them all as I train for my assault on the Newton Hills (my downfall last year).

Anyway, so here I am – the first day of my Boston Marathon training and I don’t get to run.  I guess it’s a perfect time to start the core and strength training, right?

For those of you running Boston this year, when do you start your training?  Have you already started? What program are you going with? And for those running other Spring marathons, what programs do you use?  Or are you like my hero, the British Bulldog, Steve Spiers (he recently defended his Cayman Islands Marathon Title…Rock Star!), who just kind of makes it up as he goes?

People…or at least I…want to know!

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