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I generally don’t buy into the whole “slippery slope” theory of life.  You know the theory, where people are afraid that if we “let” gay people get married, then before you know it, people will be marrying their turtles, their horses, their coffee makers or their jobs…wait, scratch that last one.  These are the same folks who will tell you that if we put any kind of regulation on gun sales and ownership then the next inevitable step is that the government will take away all of our guns, impeding our ability to defend ourselves against F-16’s, artillery, tanks and submarines…because you just have to know where to aim your .44 to take out the tank rolling down the street or the Stealth Bomber flying overhead, right?

This week however, I read a story that’s now everywhere that made me cringe and immediately think, “oh boy! that’s a slippery slope!”

Michael Jefferies, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch has gone public with his belief that he doesn’t want overweight or ugly people wearing his product line.  The store does not sell items over a certain size for women because he doesn’t want any “fat chicks” who “aren’t cool” as walking advertisements – and as we all know, fat = uncool, right?  They do sell some larger sizes for boys because, well, football players are cool.

This blatant exclusionary policy is frightening to me.  I’m sure in his world, I’m sure that neither Brooke nor Katie would not qualify to wear his brand.  Ultimately, the whole “you’re not cool enough” to be seen in our clothes is really sad more than anything else.  Seems to me that Michael Jefferies may be trying to make up for a rough childhood maybe?  Perhaps Jefferies felt the sting of exclusion as a kid and now is doing whatever he can to surround himself with the very people who rejected him in high school?  I don’t know.  Maybe not, but I will say this to Jefferies – watch out for that slippery slope man.  Have you looked in the mirror lately? You look like a first year medical student did your facelift with a hatchet…not exactly the face of someone a company that pushes young, beautiful and thin would want as their CEO.  How long before they realize YOU don’t fit into your own policy of young, thin and beautiful?  You don’t even fit into one of those categories.  It’s a slippery slope dude…just sayin’.

It's a slippery slope dude.

It’s a slippery slope dude…at least I hope it is.


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Has she found her H-Spot?

It’s a fact – two thirds of this country is considered overweight; nearly one third of this country is clinically obese.

Although having two thirds of our country overweight is, in and of itself, not a good thing, the fact is, there are many people considered to technically be overweight who are genuinely happy with who and where they are…

…and that is a beautiful thing.

In the big picture, our inner happiness is so much more important than our outer appearance. Don’t get me wrong, physical fitness is important to overall health and should be considered a key factor in your general happiness.


You could be a size 0, but if you’re miserable it doesn’t matter – it’s going to show. If you’re a size 16 and you are truly happy, you’re going to radiate; you’re going to glow. It also works in reverse – if you’re a size 0 and genuinely happy, then that is where you should be. If you are a size 14 and miserable about it, then maybe it’s time to take control.

I am a huge fan of the fitness look, the fitness glow. It lends a certain confidence that is extremely appealing to me. But I am even a bigger fan of true, genuine happiness, the kind that produces a mega-watt smile and an air of confidence; the kind that unintentionally demands attention from everyone in the room.

When it comes to the question of a fitness program, most of us know it’s not a matter of one size fits all. It’s not even an issue of individualizing programs to get people to one common goal. People need to find there happy spot; the place where you are going to be happiest – THEN you come up with a plan; and of course, if you find that you are not happy when you arrive at that spot, tweak your program; change your destination.

Obviously there are certain health issues that come into play if one is too far to either extreme. I would suggest that if one is striving for either extreme at any cost, then there are other issues at play (that or your name is Christian Bale, Jared Leto or Renee Zellweger and it’s part of your job).





The bottom line is that the human condition is a spectrum, one with a wide, WIDE range. It’s our job to figure out where we as individuals belong to maximize our own joy and understand that if someone else finds that true joy elsewhere, that is okay.

If that true joy is at a size 0, well then you design a program to get you to that size zero – but if you’re going to be a lot happier at size 14 well that is probably where you should be – with no apologies at either end or any size in between.

Sex appeal comes in all different shapes and sizes – the most common denominator, at least from this guy’s point of view?


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