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Hush, Rush

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So Rush is upset that Michelle is eating a plate of ribs while on a skiing vacation.

Michelle is a hypocrite!  She should be eating nuts and berries!!! She’s trying to create a nanny state!!!

Oh, Rush.  Is this what you have become?  Is there where you have fallen to?

You dope!  Eating healthfully is not about any one meal, you idiot!  It’s not about one plate of ribs, you jack ass!  It’s not about always eating nuts and berries, you numbskull!!!

You know, although I consider myself to be one who leans mostly left, I believe – I truly believe – that the answers to our current state will have to come from the center – which means that there will be a little taken from the right and a little taken from the left.

You want to know why we are losing ground to the rest of the world?  Because the left AND the right are too busy arguing with each other and not getting down to the business of making things right for everyone.  FOR EVERYONE!!!  They are arguing and making political punch out of ribs.  A stupid, frakkin’ plate of ribs!!!

This is what Rush said:

Nice Rush, nice.  Obviously you didn’t listen to what the First Lady actually said or wrote – that her healthy eating initiative was about balance and moderation.  Anybody who does just the tiniest bit of research on diet and healthy life-style changes knows, KNOWS, that you never tell someone that they can only eat A, B, or C indefinitely and never anything else.  In fact, one of the best ways, THE BEST RUSH, to keep yourself on the track of balance and moderation is to let yourself indulge once a week.

You’re right about one thing.  Leaders should lead.  What are you doing Rush to get this Greatest of Nation’s waistline back under control?  Hmmm, let’s see, you’re saying that people don’t need help making good food choices, despite the fact that 68% of our population over the age of 20 is overweight, with half of those categorized as obese (CDC – January 2010). 68% Rush. SIXTY EIGHT PERCENT!!!  You right, Rush, people are making their choices just fine.

In all seriousness, it’s not like people need to be told what to eat on any given night.  I’m thinking that under ideal conditions, that busy parent,scraping by would love to cook a healthy meal for their kid instead of bringing home McDonald’s, but they either don’t know how to cook (because, you know, that class was taken out of the curriculum due to budget cuts) or the fresh ingredients aren’t available at affordable prices.  What this “Nanny State” you’re so worried about CAN do is help guide families and maybe shift where crop subsidies go so they can better serve our health.

And did you really say that Michelle Obama is a hypocrite because she doesn’t look like a Sports Illustrated cover model?  Really?  Can we take a step back from that one and let you think about what you said? No?  Okay.  Though I am one who truly believes that anyone, ANYONE (yes Rush, even you, your chins and your jellyroll), can change their shape for the better, I am also a realist.  Not everyone is blessed/cursed with an ample bosom or curvy hips.  To make women think that they can only be in shape if they look like Brooklyn Decker (love her by the way) is ridiculous and you know it.

What the hell is the matter with you?  What in the world happened to you, Rush? You used to be fun.  You used to be entertaining.  Now? Well, now you are just a sad old radio personality, hanging on, making weird, out-of-touch attempts to hold on to relevance.  You’re sounding more and more like a mean old man as opposed to the guy who, once upon a time, had at least the interest of the far right at heart.

Maybe it’s time for you to just hush.  Hush, Rush.

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