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Sometimes people see only what they want to see, unable to see beyond their narrow, pre-conceived notions.  As a species, we like to label things – it makes it easier for us when we can say that, “this is this and that is that.”

We (Jess, Katie, Brooke and I) are a family greatly affected by autism. We do a lot to raise funds for autism research and, as evidenced by my blue hair for the past month, go to great lengths to spread autism awareness.


WE do not define ourselves as advocates for families dealing with autism only. In fact, if you read Jess’ or my blog regularly, one would realize that she (and by extension we) fight for fair treatment of ALL children, of ALL people…whether they be neuro-typical or not, whether they be from “around here” or not, whether they speak English or not, whether they eat the same food as the majority or not, whether they are adult or child – it has always been about inclusion – inclusion of every man, woman and child – because we know that together we are stronger; as a whole we are better when we accept and include everyone.

By that token, we try (not always successfully) not to define anyone into one and only one “category”. Do we advocate autism awareness? Absolutely. But the end goal is that we all treat each other with the respect and courtesy we ALL deserve by simply being born into this world.

That someone can’t see past his or her limited perspective shouldn’t be my problem – but it IS – because very often that same person makes a difference in people’s lives.

Understand that the collective “we” should be sitting at a round table, exchanging views, sharing, TRULY sharing, different perspectives.

“We” shouldn’t be sitting across from each other, as if we are in a board room during a hostile takeover.

You say you want inclusion? Then live it.  Words mean nothing when actions contradict them.

The day will not be won by making the world better for just the priviledged…those victories are small, meaningless.

True victory only comes when the world becomes a better place for ALL of us.

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