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I often talk about the importance of running.  How it is a wonder drug, a stress reliever, a life saver.  Running is, aside from my family, a prime focus of my life.  But sometimes, things happen that make you realize just how trivial something like a quest to qualify for Boston can be.

Recently a friend of my wife’s went through (is going through) the nightmare that every parent fears.  Her 9-year-old, pre-verbal, autistic daughter was repeatedly abused physically by her bus driver.  This 24 year-old woman would smile at my wife’s friend while driving away saying, “Bye Mom”, simultaneously twisting her daughter’s fingers to the point of spraining them.

The wife does a much better job articulating what we can do here:


and her friend’s story is on Huff Po here:


We all don’t agree on the causes of autism, but I do think that we can all agree that there is no excuse for abusing children.  Please take the time to read the wife’s post, but more importantly, take a moment to read Kim’s post and leave a comment.  The more comments her post receives, the more likely it will reach the front page of the Huffington Post.

As the wife said:

If enough of us read it (and comment on it!), we’ll get that damned thing to the front page. In so doing, we’ll shine a light on the desperate need to safeguard these vulnerable kids. We’ll make a public statement that we WILL NOT ABIDE by the abuse of our precious babies – whether our babies are two or forty-two. We will declare this atrocity quite simply INTOLERABLE.

Whether it’s my post, the wife’s post, or Kim’s post, please pass this along.  Please help speak for those who can’t.

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