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The Goose Egg

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It stares at me.   It taunts me.  Whether it is the beginning of the year, the month or the week, it dares me to wipes its grin off of its face.  It is the dreaded goose-egg.  Whatever the cycle, it has the ability to wipe away all of the hours, miles and sweat I have endured.   I hate the goose-egg and the power it holds over me.

Every Monday, it is waiting for me.  Every 1st of the month, it is waiting for me.  At the turn of every year, it is waiting for me.   This morning the goose-egg wiped away 148 miles for December and 1552 miles for 2010.  A new month, a new year.

But I am stronger than the goose-egg.  I have the strength to chase it away, if just for a week, a month, a year.

One step – that is all it takes.  One step, and the goose-egg is banished for another 7, 30, 365 days.

And one step leads to another and then another.   Steps turn into yards, yards turn into miles, miles turn into sweat, sweat turns into better health and mental well-being.

Last night at midnight, the goose-egg returned. At 5AM this morning, I zapped it away with 4 slow miles.  It is not the pace that matters.   It is that I took the first steps of 2011.

Happy New Year!

May your year be filled with health in your heart, happiness in your soul and miles on the road.

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