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4 days until the New York City Marathon, and I am lucky enough to be running it.  Every marathon I’ve run has had a unique quality to it, but New York is something special.  Unlike THE marathon (Boston, duh!) which is pretty homogenous, New York is an adventure through a variety of cultures and neighborhoods.

Much like the Vermont 50, my approach for New York is simply to enjoy the sights and sounds.  It will be the first time I run a marathon in this fashion, and I can’t wait.  My original plan at last year’s New York City Marathon was just to enjoy it.  I had just qualified for Boston 5 weeks earlier and it seemed to make sense that I should just have fun.  But I let temptation get the better of me.  I was in peak physical shape; I was rested; I wanted to improve my position.  I decided that I should take a shot at 3:15 and see what happened.  It didn’t end too well.

This year, though rested, I am not anywhere near peak physical shape.  Though I am getting back into the swing of regular running, my mileage is still low.  I’m 10 lbs. heavier than I was last year.

Sometimes it’s wonderful when certain decisions are taken out of your hands.  I don’t have the option of going for a PR, so this time around it’s all about fun.  I get to run a slow, easy marathon.

Do I have a time I’d like to beat?

Well,yeah.  I would like to finish better than I did in my very first marathon (where I spent 20 minutes with my feet anchored to the ground like tree trunks at mile 20), but you know, if I don’t then I don’t.

I plan on stopping for every friend I spot or hear along the way, exchanging hugs, taking a picture and maybe even drinking a beer or two.  If you’re gonna be out there watching, let me know.  I’ll be checking my phone  and tweeting along the way.  Hopefully I don’t end up like this:

New York ’11 may be my worst marathon ever – and you know what?  I’m totally psyched for that.

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