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I love running.

I believe in running.

I preach running.

You know this.  Anybody who spends more than 15 minutes with me knows this.

If there is a problem, running either IS or can lead you to the solution.

I definitely have a passion for running, a burning fire.

It is…consuming.

So I get a little frustrated when people don’t get it.  It’s hard to me to understand how people do not understand that running (and when I say running I mean any sweat-producing exercise) can make them feel better, be better.  I get even more frustrated when people get it, but don’t do anything about it. 

How can you not be taking care of yourself?  How can you do this to yourself?

Like I said, I get frustrated.

But then I remember – I didn’t start running until I was almost 39.  It was just over two years ago that I started running regularly.

And I knew long before!  I knew the benefits of regular exercise and what it could do for me.  But I didn’t.

I didn’t.

And that is what I tell myself when I see friends and family placing health low on their priority lists.

The fire will come. Hopefully.  Or maybe it won’t.

I hope it does.

I do.

I can stoke it for you temporarily, but in the end, the fuel must come from within.  The fire has to burn from within.


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