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The alarm goes off.  I blink my eyes a couple of times.

4AM already?

I blindly reach in the dark for my phone to turn off the snoring sound (yes, my alarm is a snoring sound).  I move my stiff legs and body off of the bed and to the bathroom where I find my shorts and socks waiting for me.  I stare at them.

Do I really want to run this morning?  8 miles? Really?

I ignore my brain and change. I head downstairs for some oatmeal, a banana and some coffee – my legs are still sore and tight from Sunday’s hard, fast 18-miler.

This is gonna hurt.

I slowly down the pre-workout meal, delaying the inevitable.  Part of me wants to go back to bed; part of me knows Boston is less than 5 weeks away.  The schedule calls for 8 miles with 5 intervals of 600 meters at 5K race pace.  I don’t have it in me to run outside this morning so I trudge down to the treadmill, trying to get my brain to convert the numbers into something I can use.

600 meters…400 meters is about a quarter mile…0.25…add half of that…0.375…how the hell am I supposed to use that?

I settle on running 0.40 mile intervals at the treadmill’s top speed (10mph) with a 0.20 mile recovery in between.

This is gonna hurt.

I pop the TV on and stretch a little, not really wanting to do this.  At that moment, all I want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep for another 3 hours.  I look at the clock – 4:35 – it’s time to go.

Pain.  Not the sharp, oh crap I’ve injured myself kind of pain.  Just pain.

Just under 57 minutes later I am done.  Sweat is dripping off my body like I’m a hose with holes in it.  I am spent.

But the endorphins kick in and I can’t remember that feeling I had before the run.  I don’t remember NOT wanting to run.

All I know is DAMN! This feels good!!!

This definitely feels good.

Hope you got your feel good on today.

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