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Next week on HBO, the new series Band of Runners

Let me preface this by saying that I am a lover not a fighter. 10 years of kung-fu (3 spent as a youth instructor) under my belt and I still prefer to end confrontations with my words and not my fists. I’m not going down without taking one or two bodies with me, but let’s face it, I would never survive in a war zone. The soldiers I know, directly like Uncle Paul and Brandon, or through friends, like Jeremy, are the true warriors. They have the true Band of Brothers.

That said, the recent response to my Sanity post got me thinking. I had written it while slowly emerging from a place that had me down. The post itself was about using running to mentally pick oneself up by the bootstraps and get going. 4 days later, I still believe that all to be true – running is something of a miracle drug to me, but I am compelled to add something. This running community that I am a part of through Daily Mile and Twitter, has also had an immense impact on how well I feel going through the day. The words of encouragement and hope are energizing and uplifting. But it’s not just them. It’s all the runners out there that are pounding out the miles.

Whether I see you outside my window running by before dawn or from the car as I drive around town taking care of the groceries and dry cleaning, I see you, I am encouraged by you and I am thankful.

For those of my friends who are still unsure about these social networks, I would direct you to my friend Kathy over at RTR. Kathy put it in terms that explain without preaching. Simply put, Daily Mile is Facebook for runners, bikers, swimmers, and athletes, but I use all of those terms loosely. We are a group that range in skill from the very competitive to the “let’s just put down the pint and get my butt off the couch, shall we?”. We’re all just looking for a connection through our chosen athletic endeavor and a bit of encouragement.

My point…

Essentially, I want to thank you, my fellow runners, for your support in recent weeks…directly or indirectly, knowingly and unknowingly you have all lifted my spirits and helped my feet fly.

You are my Band of Runners, and to you I am grateful.

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