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I got this email (below) from Gene at Charity Miles entitled: Battle of the Century

I definitely need you help friends.  I’m ahead of Becca one to one, but #TeamBecca has put 29 miles between them and us.  #TeamLuau needs your help!

Confused?  After reading Gene’s email, click —>here<— for the back story.


Battle of the Century

That’s me on the left, Becca on the right…we’re even competing for billboard space!

#TeamLuau vs. #TeamBecca

Dear Team Charity Miles,

Last week, Autism Speaks’ Rebecca Barnes challenged Team Up Captain Luau to see who could run the most Charity Miles for Autism Speaks in the month of October.

And she did it with a bold smackdown! The loser has to run the difference wearing a gorilla suit, Autism Speaks jersey and blue afro wig. My approximation shown below 😉

I added a little twist to the challenge by allowing anyone to tweet-add their miles to #TeamBecca’s or #TeamLuau’s totals.  And you all brought it… in a big way!

So after one week of the challenge, I’m excited to report that Luau has personally run 45.06 miles– nearly 25 miles more than Becca’s 20.54 miles.

But, with a little help from her friends, #TeamBecca has 221 miles– a 29 mile lead over #TeamLuau’s 192 miles!

29 miles is a long way to run in a gorilla costime. So come on #TeamLuau. Let’s give my man some support!

You’re all doing great, and I’m going to have some more exciting news to report tomorrow… So stay tuned 🙂

All the best,



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